Mediate Organisational Disputes

Conflict in any organisation can do enormous damage. Mistakenly, disputes are often left to fester and thereby become more difficult to resolve. MFI recommends that qualified mediators be brought into disputes as early as possible to increase the chances of achieving a successful outcome and therefore a more productive organisation

The results are that very challenging disputes can be quietly resolved, working relationships can be restored and the people concerned can return to full productivity. This can all be achieved without unpleasant publicity, unwanted delays and unacceptable bills. Research shows that 82 % of disputes are successfully resolved through mediation. MFI also provides training in the skills of conflict resolution and mediation through programmes which can be tailored to the needs of specific organisations. We also offer a range of training programmes – direct and/or live online.

The Mediation Foundation of Ireland employs nationally and internationally trained mediators to assist resolve conflicts in:

  • Project teams
  • Management teams
  • Workplace
  • Contractual relationships
  • Education
  • Governance issues

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