Over 150 participants on our programmes have been certified by the Mediators Institute of Ireland over the last year – our evaluations are excellent – Tony and Luke who lead the training are both certified mediators and expert presenters and facilitators of long standing. Testimonials are available from the wide spectrum of participants we have worked with on this programme.

The Course brochure gives you all the details of how and what we do – however many appreciate an opportunity to talk with William or Luke directly to discuss the ‘fit’ of the programme for you – so feel free to give us a call ( 087 6876569) and discuss any part of the programme to see if it is right for you at this time

Interested in finding out more about this course?

If you would like to know some more, or just have a chat about the programme and what might work for you – call or email Luke or Tony and we can take it from there…please download the brochure which will give you full details of our programme – also testimonials are available there to give you confidence that you are choosing the right programme…

Contact Us

Call Luke: 087 6876569 Tony: 087 979 9627 Office: 01 288 8057 or alternatively email us on [email protected]