Telephone Mediation – Certified Skills programme

Mediations can be successful concluded by phone without the disputants having to meet or to talk to one another. The mediator acts as the go-between and phones each disputant in turn until an agreement is reached.

If the parties are willing, an agreement can be reached within one hour. The cost of telephone mediation is less than face to face mediation because no room has to be hired and the time needed is less. Mediation Foundation of Ireland run two-day telephone Mediation programmes for certified mediators. We have developed the programme used by the Residents Tenancy Board ( for their highly successful approach to Telephone Mediation. This programme is also available online.

This course will provide you with a Certificate in Telephone Mediation.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Benefits of telephone mediation
  • Differences between face to face and telephone mediation
  • Sample telephone mediations
  • Practise telephone mediation

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