Managing Conflict – A Skills Programme

Workplace conflict is a huge drain on individuals, teams and organisations – so much is lost in productivity and morale – often because conflict issues are left drift and fester.

Getting through difficult conversations, dealing with challenging behaviour, fixing bullying, being more assertive – these are the abilities and skills you need to manage conflict better…whether you are a manager who actually wants to manage, a leader wanting to assert your authority or an employee seeking to thrive – having a toolbox to deal with conflict effectively is essential

Training in this area needs to be practical not theoretical – it must deal with real issues and ensure you can effectively use the skills you need so that when you return to the workplace you are confident that you are equipped…

Such training needs to be customised to your needs – not just off the shelf but tailored with your specific scenarios in mind.

We at the Mediation Foundation of Ireland have long experience of both dealing effectively with conflict in the workplace as well as a proven track record providing practical training in this area.

So,  if such training is of interest to you or your organisation – from a half day to two days or more – give us a call or email us to discuss your options.

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If you would like to know some more, or just have a chat about the programme and what might work for you – call or email Luke or William and we can take it from there.

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