Fixing Bullying – Training & Coaching

Bullying is one of the evils in society. A lot of the damage done by bullying is mental. While bullying has been outlawed, it remains prevalent and is subtly promoted by TV with ‘reality’ shows.

There are three main types of bullies:

  • The first is the accidental bully who is unaware that his or her behaviour is inappropriate and unwanted. Mediation can be very successful in resolving such disputes.
  • The second form of bullying is vexatious. This can arise if a manager asks an employee to do a piece of work. The employee does not want to do the work and accuses the manager of being a bully. Mediation can also be successful in resolving such vexatious bullying disputes.
  • The third type of bully is the serial bully. This is the bully who is clever, charming, manipulating, vindictive and plausible and who bullies by gradually undermining his or her target. Sadly there is no known cure for serial bullies. Organisations should either fire or pay-off such people. Mediation is unlikely to be successful because the serial bully sees mediation as another opportunity to manipulate.

Mediation Foundation of Ireland provides two types of programmes regarding bullying.

The first programme is for managers and senior executives and covers these topics:-

  • What is bullying and how to identify the different types
  • The effects of bullying and how bullies behave
  • How bullying and managing are completely different activities
  • What to do if you are being bullied
  • What to do if you have a bully on your team
  • What to do if one of your team reports being bullied

The second programme is for employees and lay people and covers the following topics:-

  • What bullying is and is not
  • The three types of bullies
  • How to be assertive with a bully
  • How to react if you feel you are being bullied
  • How to report bullying
  • What to do if the bullying is not dealt with

Fixing Bullying – Coaching

Mediation Foundation of Ireland provides a confidential service to organisations re how to handle bullying disputes. One person’s ‘just getting the job done’ can be another person’s accusation of being bullied.

Decisions have to be made very quickly regarding whether to handle the accusation of bullying as a disciplinary matter or as something that can be mediated or whether it should be handled by an investigation under the organisation’s grievance procedure. Mediation Foundation of Ireland has been invited to coach managers regarding all three scenarios and continue to provide such coaching as a service.

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