Dealing with Difficult People (1 day)

Dealing with Difficult People (1 day)

Participants will understand the role of behaviour in disputes and will learn to identify the seven classic types of disputant behaviour.

Suitable for staff who need to learn to deal with internal and external people who use difficult behaviours:

  • Understand difficult behaviours and difficult people
  • Understanding our role in disputes – deliberate or accidental
  • How to be assertive with difficult people
  • Identifying the seven classic difficult behaviours
  • How to deal with people who use the seven behaviours
  • Practise dealing with difficult people
  • How I can use more confident behaviour
  • Managing difficult conversations

This course has been widely used and adapted to the specifics of each workplace. We have facilitated it as a programme from a half day to two days. We hold a diagnosing conversation with the commissioning person to ensure we design the specifics of a programme in line with the needs of the organisation.

Online is also an option for this course in-house.

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