Become a Certified (MII) Mediator (7 days)

Become a Certified (MII/IMI) Mediator (7 days)

The experience and research right around the world is showing how mediation is a much less damaging process in managing disputes…Why?

Crucially because its the parties to the dispute who find their own solutions rather than a judge or arbitrator deciding for them..

What should you look for in a course to become a Certified Mediator?

First of all that it’s a Mediators Institute of Ireland certified and/or International Mediation Institute course – ours has both certifications – to ensure it’s recognition in Ireland and abroad – this unique dual certification that we in MFI offer gives you significant credibility as a mediator.

At the centre of any course needs to be that you the participant is mediating from day one – that you are practicing your mediation skills on this 60 hour programme as soon and as much as possible.

It is in the carefully facilitated practice of mediation that you find your way of mediating effectively – having experienced trainers who are also practiced mediators themselves ( we have two on each of our programmes) is vital in the competence and confidence building of you as a mediator whatever your professional or personal background..

Obviously having a good venue, being well looked after with a hot lunch etc and crucially the managing of a good learning dynamic with your fellow participants is going to be key.

Those who successfully complete this course will be qualified to apply to the Mediators Institute of Ireland and/or to the International Mediation Institute to become a recognised as a qualified mediator.

Suitable for people who wish to become qualified mediators

  • Background to the need, history and use of mediation
  • Ethics and professional behaviours of mediators
  • Understand and practise the skills used by mediators.
  • The pre-mediation meeting and practise using it
  • The Mediation Cycle©: The six stages of mediation including pre-mediation meeting
  • The Four F’s© of the Mediation Conversation
  • Practise mediating disputes from start to finish
  • Hints and tips to keep disputes on an even keel
  • What to do if mediation fails
  • Write a paper about an aspect of mediation
  • Present that paper to your co-learners and course leaders
  • Be filmed mediating a role-play one hour dispute
  • Be marked against the MII scale of the qualities of a mediator.

Interested in finding out more about this course?

If you would like to know some more, or just have a chat about the programme and what might work for you – call or email Luke or William and we can take it from there…please download the brochure which will give you full details of our programme – also testimonials are available there to give you confidence that you are choosing the right programme…

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Programmes – 2022

Live online:

January: 13, 14 & 20, 21 & 27, 28. Assessment February 4th, 2022 – (Sold Out)

March: 3, 4 & 10, 11 & 14, 15. Assessment March 25, 2022 – (Sold Out)

June: 2, 3 & 9, 10 & 16,17. Assessment June 24, 2022 – (Sold Out)

September: 8, 9 & 15, 16 & 22, 23. Assessment October 7, 2022 – (Sold Out)

November: 17, 18 & 24, 25 & 1, 2. Assessment December 16, 2022 – NOW BOOKING

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