Some feedback from recent course participants

Video testimonials

Tomás MacUileagóid

William Burke

“Very engaging, quite impressive in fact given remote delivery and nature of the content. My concentration never wandered and I didn’t want to miss a minute.”

“I found the course to be an interesting and most rewarding experience. I would give it a 10/10”

“The course was absolutely fantastic: there was a lot of material covered, but it was also very practice-oriented, which is key in preparing participants for actual mediation work. The trainers were all highly skilled, knowledgeable experts of their fields and were all keen on helping participants to maximise their learning experience. The atmosphere was warm, relaxed but disciplined throughout. Overall, it was a great experience which I would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to gain basic knowledge on international mediation.”

“Thought the course was brilliant, the great dynamic between Luke and William that brought all the participants together, starting the practice seasons from the second day allowed everyone to get to know one and other. The small tips are given throughout the course in terms of language and the use of certain phrases and wording when reframing or asking questions was both helpful but also changed the way I thought about the use of certain words and the tone in which we speak.”

“10/10, Excellent, very interactive, informative, respectful and fun. I did another course online, in comparison to this one, it did not fare too well online. They wouldn’t do any practical work online, I felt this wasn’t good enough and we said so in our elevation. I think this helped me see, how well the mediation course was delivered, we were practising mediation skills within the first two hours and that it can be done online, well done.”

“Very engaging, enjoyed working with a diverse group. The tutors were excellent, and the course was challenging and made me step outside my comfort zone. There was a perfect balance between practical and theoretical work.”

“The course is engaging, provoking and enjoyable in its approach to teaching participants a new skill.”

“The course was interesting. It really met my expecta