Mediation can quickly and quietly resolve 80% of all disputes

Disputes within organisations are very frustrating. They waste time, money and energy. More importantly they can damage morale and productivity. By intervening as early as possible in a dispute, there is the potential to nip it in the bud. The longer the dispute lasts, the more entrenched become the attitudes of the disputants.

Mediation can quickly and quietly resolve 80% of all disputes. This is achieved by bringing the two disputants into a private room together, getting them to open up about what happened and how it made them feel, getting agreement about the issues between them, encouraging them to come up with solutions and, finally, reaching an agreement.

The mediation process is so effective that it is recommended that all organisations change their policies and procedures to insert mediation before the formal grievance procedure is launched – it can also be effective when the grievance procedure has been nearly exhausted and more severe and costly legal measures are being considered.

Mediation Foundation of Ireland specialise in mediating disputes in the workplace using experienced mediators who have encountered disputes ranging from two party disputes to complex multi-party disputes. If you have a dispute, call Mediation Foundation of Ireland and discuss it in confidence and at no cost.

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