February 2024 Course

Assessment Documents

Click on link download documents or view supporting videos


Day 1 & 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

  • In roleplay video section towards end of the Members Area page, review the Jo & Phil Role Play Video
    Choose the sections that you might find most challenging and record your insights and learnings.

Day 6

  • In the accredited area, download and review the audit documents A and B – We will be answering your questions on the assessment in the morning session.

    • Underneath the Jo/Phil role play @ end of Member Area, there is a section of videos on different elements of the mediation process – choose at least two that would be most helpful for you to view and comment on during check in on Day 6
    • Review the Introduction at the Assessment guidelines document for you to comment on during Day 6


Overview of SISA model with Tony Bourke

Introduction with Luke Monahan

Story Stage with Luke Monahan

Issues stage with Luke Monahan

Solutions stage with William Corless

Agreement Stage with Luke Monahan

Agreements – commitment and how to ensure it does not unravel with Tony Bourke

Reframing with William Corless

Assessments with Tony Bourke – What the assessors are looking for