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Become a Certified Workplace Mediator in the Education Sector

Become a Certified Workplace Mediator in the Education Sector - Mediation Foundation Ireland
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Become a Certified Workplace Mediator Live & Online

Specifically designed for practical application in the EDUCATION sector. A skillset that will equip you to address a range of conflict situations in a direct and constructive way.

Designed by a team who have long and deep experience both in education and in mediation.

Investment: €1,750

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About the Programme

This is an intensive practical focused course with 40 hours of tuition and practice – accredited by the Mediation Foundation of Ireland and Cú

Over five days 10.00 am till 4.00 pm each day with an hour for lunch and a short break in both the morning and afternoon

This Programme will

  • Introduce you to mediation as a very successful way of resolving conflict
  • Show you how mediation saves money, time and relationships

  • Train you in the Classic Mediation Model© process

  • Prepare you for using mediation in your work and life

We have extensive experience in virtual learning that is live and interactive.

Who is this for…

  • School leaders – principals, deputies

  • Assistant Principals

  • Board Members

  • Teachers
  • Education Officers

  • Trust Members

  • Facilitators/trainers in the education sector

Assessment process

This is a certified course. People who complete the five days and who pass the assessment (a practice on video reviewed) will be enabled to practice the mediation approach to resolve conflict constructively.

Content Overview

Understanding Conflict Resolution & Mediation

  • What is conflict?

  • The many approaches to conflict

  • Your conflict style

  • Mediation – what it is, how it works

  • Approaches to mediation

Dynamics of Conflict Resolution

  • Triggers for conflict

  • Personality & the conflict dynamic

  • Analysis of conflict in our work & in relationships

  • Difficult behaviours & personality clashes

  • Team conflict

  • Conflict coaching

Core Mediation Skills

  • Listening skills – normative & advanced

  • Self-awareness

  • Understanding & respecting

  • Narrative building

  • Facilitative skills

  • Resolution approaches

  • Core principles of mediation

Advanced Mediation Skills

  • Deep listening

  • Enabling the participants to ‘own’ the issues & build the resolution together

  • Informal mediation & facilitation

  • Framing the issues credibly & constructively

  • Sustainable resolution

  • Establishing commonality

  • Breakthrough Conversations© – The Five Layers

  • Empowering effective teams with the mediation approach

The Classic Mediation Model ©

  • Applying the model

  • Guidance to its practical use

  • Supervised practice sessions

The Pre-Mediation Process

  • Suitability of mediation

  • Styles of mediation

  • Diagnosis of issues & situation

  • Objectivity, enquiry & respect

The Mediation Conversation

  • Preparation of self, space, clients

  • Ground Rules for engagement

Mediation in your Context

  • Legal & ethical issues – Code of Principles & Conduct

  • Application of mediation to your situation

  • Case-studies, practice sessions, interactive approaches

  • Multi-party mediation

  • Real-life conflict scenarios & approaches to resolve

  • Exploring the practical application of the skills in your work in the education sector

  • Preparation for the assessment process

About the online course

The course will be engaging, practical, enhancing, challenging and fun.

The emphasis will be on equipping you with the skills to become qualified as a Certified Workplace Mediator in the Education Sector.

ONLINE experience: We have provided live online mediation training to a range of groups and organisations to ensure its effectiveness.

The Mediation Foundation of Ireland offers continuing support to the participants.

About the Trainers

Tony Bourke is an experienced trainer, mediator and coach. He is a board member of Dublin Community Mediation – a mediation resource supporting the community and the development of mediators through the largest peer mediation group in the country.

William Corless – has a Masters Degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and is an experienced coach and management trainer nationally and internationally.

Luke Monahan – is a very experienced workplace mediator, a leadership executive coach and trainer, a resilience practitioner and a published author. He has been awarded the Advanced Mediator status with the Mediation Institute of Ireland. Luke has extensive experience in the education sector in various