National & International Accreditation

The Mediation Foundation of Ireland (MFI) was established by Luke Monahan and Tony Bourke to provide excellence in mediation services – from resolving disputes to excellence in training mediators.

MFI is made up of a core team of trained mediators with national and international accreditation dedicated to resolve disputes of all types as mediation well deployed – saves time, saves money and saves relationships.

Our Commitment to you

MFI is committed to work with you to provide the most beneficial, ethical and cost effective mediation service to meet your personal or professional needs. The Mediation Foundation of Ireland fully subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Mediators Institute of Ireland and also the International Mediation Institute.

Unique Approach

The Mediation Foundation of Ireland has developed a range of mediation approaches that draw from all the major perspectives on mediation to provide you with the most effective approaches to dealing with your conflict. In particular MFI has developed two core mediation tools entitled the Mediation Cycle© and the Four F’s© of the mediation conversation that enable mediators follow a proven and successful mediation process.