Certified Mediator Course: May 2021

Both MII & IMI accredited / Live Online Learning

When: May 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th & 21st

Assessment – May 28th currently online.

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Very engaging, quite impressive in fact given remote delivery and nature of the content. My concentration never wandered and I didn’t want to miss a minute.
William, March 2021
The level of interaction on Zoom kept me more tuned in than a physical classroom.
Darragh, December 2020

Time well spent on learning & applying a new skill even after many years in conflict resolution – brilliant.

William, October 2020
Thank you for a super course – it was exceptional.
Sile, September 2020


MFI help resolve your conflicts quickly, confidentially and cost effectively.


MFI works with you and your employees to resolve conflicts at all levels in the workplace.


MFI offer a range of courses from one day workshops in conflict skills to full training to be a mediator.


Enhance your negotiations skills and commercial acumen to ensure all aspects of everyday work and personal life.

Welcome to Mediation Foundation of Ireland

The Mediation Foundation of Ireland (MFI) has been established to provide excellence in mediation services – from resolving disputes to excellence in training mediatorsMFI is made up of a core team of trained mediators with national and international accreditation dedicated to resolve disputes of all types as mediation well deployed – saves time, saves money and saves relationships

Mii Accredited Mediator Training 2021 | Certified Mediator Training Programe
“Negotiated approaches to consensus building are both deceptively simple and extraordinarily complex”
Susskind & Cruikshank
“Disputes come in a variety of levels of complexity. Mediators must design intervention strategies that respond to that complexity to resource the parties.”
“The primary de-railer of top executives – lack of impulse control”
“The biggest obstacle to learning something new is the belief that you already know it”
Zen Master