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Advanced Diploma in Mediation & Conflict Resolution (For Practising Mediators)
Advanced Diploma in Mediation & Conflict Resolution (For Practising Mediators)

Advanced Diploma in Mediation & Conflict Resolution

The Mediation Foundation of Ireland and Irish American University are delighted to announce a new Advanced Diploma in Mediation and Conflict Resolution (for already practicing mediators). Includes the highest professional standard of the International Mediation Institute.  Click here for more information.

Welcome to Mediation Foundation of Ireland

The Mediation Foundation of Ireland (MFI) has been established to provide excellence in mediation services – from resolving disputes to excellence in training mediators. MFI is made up of a core team of trained mediators with national and international accreditation dedicated to resolve disputes of all types as mediation well-deployed – saves time, saves money and saves relationships.

Our programmes are accredited by The Mediators Institute of Ireland, the International Mediation Institute and the Irish American University.

Mediation Foundation of Ireland

MFI works with you and your employees to resolve conflicts at all levels in the workplace.

Enhance your negotiations skills and commercial acumen to ensure all aspects of everyday work and personal life.

MFI help resolve your conflicts quickly, confidentially and cost effectively.

MFI offer a range of courses from one day workshops in conflict skills to team development to be a mediator.

Participant Testimonials

Past course participants share their insights on the dual certified programme and how they benefitted from this highly successful mediation training.

“Looking forward to putting my newly found mediation skills into practise. These skills are easily transferred into my everyday work life. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in becoming a mediator”.

Sally, 2023

“Really practical and intense course. Works exceptionally well in the online environment. Covered a lot of training in 6 days, it is a really interactive programme”

Anne, 2021
“Hands down, it is the best online training experience I have had. The amount of practical work was invaluable, and I think that really helped the day fly by, and it was a great way to get to know others, while also learning”
David, 2021

“Luke and Williams style was so great. I loved their use of visuals and humour throughout. I
felt at ease from the start, which allowed me to feel safe to ask questions”

Marion, 2022